Around the World 1995

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12. March 1995 - The start of my adventure

After finishing my studies I dreamed about traveling around the world. After 3 years of working as an network engineer I had enough money to let this dream come true. I had the idea, to travel around the world by using trains and ships. So it was obious to travel with the transsib through Russia. This is the longest train journey in the world!

So, the beginning of my journey was fixed. The rest I decided step by step. I started my journey in the evening of the 12. March 1995 in my home village Heerbrugg in the eastern part of Switzerland.

In the end I travelled 5 month in Russia, most of the time on trains. It was a remarkable adventure.

After Russia I decided to go to Japan on a passenger ship. In Japan I  travelled by train again, with the famous shinkanson.

For a jump over the pacific to the USA I took the plane. I didn't find a reasonable ship passage and I also didn't have the patient for 3 weeks on a ship. In the states I crossed the county twice with Amtrak, the nation wide train service. I stayed there for 3 month, the maximum time with a tourist visa.

To go back to Europe I got onto a cargo ship, which brought me over the Atlantic back home to Europe.

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