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 Thank you!
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Thank You all!

During my travel I met a lot of very nice and helpful people. On this page I want to thank all of them. The following list is chronologicaly sorted:


  • Darrell, who gave me some first information about Russia and how to get there


  • Galina and her family, where I lived for 2 months
  • all the people from the russian language school at Liden&Denz, with whom I spend most of my spare time: Mascha, Rosi, Isabel, Diana
  • Torsten from the company Novavox. I work now for Uptime Object Factory Inc in Switzerland, working in Russia is nothing for me
  • Irina who was my Russian teacher for 10 weeks. Unfurtunatly didn't I do any Russian here in Switzerland and I forgot almost anything
  • Walter Denz, the manager of the school.Thanks to him was it possible even at that time to have internet connection!
  • Slava for his vodka lessons. This was very usefull during all my time in Russia
  • Friedrich for visiting me in St.Petersburg. This was a great finish from my time in St.Petersburg


  • Princess Diana, for sharing with me a nice ballet evening in the Bolshoi theater
  • the people of Sun in the Moscow university, who allowed me to use there computer for reading my E-Mail
  • my uncle Dieter, who organised for me money transfer to Moscow and Krasnojarsk


  • Jura und Lena who gave me there flat for some days and organised for a lot of nice events, like climing, russian sauna, pelmeny party and always cooked some nice russian specialities for me


  • the two people with whom I could drive to Krasnojarsk. Unfurtunatly don't I remember there names
  • Oleg who waited for me several hours at the train station until my train to Irkutsk arrived


  • Pavel with whom I traveled to Irkutsk
  • Lena und Julka for showing Pavel and me Irkutsk


  • Sergeij and his wife Natascha who invited me to stay with them and the interesting discussions about literature in the evings, even when it was quite hard for me to follow this in Russian


  • Moritz who organised for me to stay in Novosibirsk and the wunderful time on lake baikal
  • Natascha, Lars and all the other people from the boat
  • all the people from Nizhniangarks who looked at us
  • Sergei who organised for me the journey on BAM


  • Fenda who helped me finding a hotel and chanings dollars at the Chines market

Komomlsk na Amure

  • Nikolai, Lena and Alonka who showed me this town


  • Walodia and his family for showing me Khabarkovsk and helping me buying the ticket to Yakutsk


  • Efgeni for showing me the permafrost institute

Ulan Ude

  • Loiv and Karin for a great time in Datsan and Ulan Ude and also for there pictures
  • Efgenio and his friend waiting with me at the train station.


  • Valodia and Vlada, who took a lot of time to show me the town in the far east of Russia.


  • Reika, Noriko and Kota, without you I would have been lost in your country
  • Marcel who helped me out with some money


  • Phil with whom I had a great time in L.A.
  • all the people from Kenmore, Tui, Dani, Ulli, Rolf, Sabrina, Karina, ...
  • Werner who I met in Berkley, this was a great surprise
  • Holy for the interesting discussions in the train from Las Vegas to Chicago

Cargo Ship

  • the whole crew

Last but not least

  • my mother for taking care of my finance situation in Switzerland
  • Uptime Object Factory Inc on which this site is hostet