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 Robbed by Gipsy Women
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1.August 1995 - Robbed by Gipsy Women

In Switzerland the 1.August ist usually a very happy day. But when I was here in Khabarkovsk, I had quite a bad one because some gipsy women robbed me at the market. At first I tought, that they just want some small money and I gave one of them 100 rubles, which is almost nothing. But then this women took all my money. Then they rushed away. I had to follow them for some 100 meters. During this I took some pictures of this women. After negotiating with there leader I got all my Dollars back, but still lost about 200'000 Rubles, which was at that time about 50$. So, be carefull with such people.

Gipsy Women rushing away with all my money.