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Friday, 2.June 1995 Kremlin

After 2 month learning russian I thought I knew everything about this language and went to the kremlin. I wanted to make there a private tour in Russian!

I met my tourguide at the entrance and told her, that I want a tour in Russian language. She looked a little bit puzzled but than she began. After a few minutes I had to stop her, because it was much to quick for me to follow her. So we did the rest of the tour in English.


Church of the Deposition of the Virgin's Robe


The largest calibre cannon in the world.


Cathedral of the Annunciation


The Tsar Bell, at 200 tons the heaviest in the world.

Literature about the Kremlin

[1] "Der Moskauer Kreml Reiseführer" from N.S. Wladimirskaja and R.S.Kostikowa, Moskau 1994, in German, ISBN 5-86913-003-4