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 Fooled in Wladiwostok
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10. August 1995 - Fooled in Vladivostok

59_30_RobbedIIThurday, 10 August 1995 - Usualy I changed money on the black market. The reason was not because I got more rubels there for my bucks, but it was much quicker than in the bank. Usually I changed only about 50$ at a time. But here in Vladivostok I had to change quite a lot of money for my transfer to Japan. The ship ticket was about 400$. So I took the money with me and went into the town to change it into rubels. Everything fine so far. I met a shabby guy and he told me, he will do a good deal, a very good exchange rate. He gave me about 1.8 Million rubels for my 400$ (about 10% more then in the bank), I counted and there were about 10'000 less. So I gave back the money to him, he counted again, very fast and and very professional and he got the same sum like me. So he gave me quickly this 10'000 and the big bundle of money and sad good bye.

Some hours later when I wanted to pay the ship ticket I realized, that he fooled me. I lost about 300$!

On the picture you can see my money bundels after counting them several time in my hotel room.