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Sonntag, 23.4.1995 - Repino

Repino is about 50km away from St.Petersburg.  Rosi and I went there on a local train. In Repino lived Illya Repin (1844-1930) his last 30 years. A replica of his house is there as a musuem. When we were there, it was closed. At the beach of Repine were still the last remains of ice-floes. Keep in mind it was end of April! Nevertheless it was a very nice, sunny day. We ate somewhere a good shalik. Most of the people in the restaurant looked like Russian mafia. On the way back the train was crouded and we had to stay all the way for more than an hour.



Me and ice-floes at the beach in Repino, St. Petersburg in the background


Replica of Repins house.