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 Travel To St.Petersburg
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Friday 17.3.1995 -  Travel to St.Petersburg

On this day I took the night train from Vilnius to Russia. I had to buy the ticket myself, because in Switzerland it was not possible to arrange this in advance. It's quite difficult to achive this, because I could then not speak Russian nor Lithuania and the people at the train station didn't know German, English or French.

My train trip went also a little bit through belarusse. In the middle of the night the had to change the chassis of the carrige, because in Russia they have different rail tracks.

When I arrived in St.Petersburg I expected to be picked up by one of the russian school. But there was nobody there. So I waited about one hour at the train station. It was butiful weather, the sun shining and it was much warmer then in Vilnius.

Waiting there was a very special feeling, because I had no address of my guest family. And I knew, that at the school nobody was working on Saturdays. But I wasn't afraid at all. It was just interesting to see all the people at the train station. And I was looking forward to stay here in St.Petersburg for at least 8 weeks to learn this strange language Russian.



A lot to see in St.Petersburg and its surroundings